Alyssa Sharpe

"Astrology for people who don't understand big words. like me." 

This site is under construction until January, but I didn't want to lose the chance to offer you a personal video reading for $20 off this Holiday Season!  


For $69 USD, you will get a 10 minute personal chart reading, posted to a private YouTube account to watch over and over. And if you want to purchase one as a gift, or choose a longer time limit, you can do that too!

- Alyssa Sharpe

Because I want to be able to get to everyone for the holidays, I will not be offering Skype readings until this offer is over. 

After you purchase a reading, I will personally email you within 24hrs to ask you some details, and will have your video up within 4 days. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Time Limit